Grenfell Tower

The Grenfell Tower disaster must never happen again. Pro-tect Ltd can help that happen.

Its been impossible to miss the coverage of one of the worst residential tragedies this country has ever witnessed. The loss of life at the Grenfell tower was almost incomprehensible. Blame is one thing, but we at Pro-tect Ltd are interested in making sure this NEVER happens again. Last month the public inquiry into the disaster revealed that the spread of the fire on June 14 was partly due to more than 100 fire doors which did not meet building regulations. Tests have revealed that the same doors used in Grenfell only withstood fire for 15 minutes –half the amount of time they were supposed to. Add to this that the doors were poorly maintained it was a recipe for a complete disaster.

BWF Chief Executive Iain McIlwee responded to the ministerial statement:-

“It was disappointing to read in the paper today of the endemic lack of closers on Fire Doors in the Grenfell Tower – a quarter of all doors had no closer at all and in a further 20% of doors the closer was not working”

In the wake of the Grenfell Tower disaster in June 2017, the Government commissioned an independent review, led by Dame Judith Hackitt, to look at the regulatory framework around construction, maintenance and on-going management of buildings in relation to fire safety. An interim report was published in December 2017 with recommendations, including a consultation on the use of desktop studies to assess the fire performance of construction products.

Pro-Tect Ltd offer a service that will stop this happening again. Call us and arrange for one of our FDIS certified fire door surveyors to attend your site, no matter how big or small, and give you the knowledge your buildings are safe from the spread of fire.