FDIS is Europe’s first fire door inspection scheme. It was launched in 2012 as a joint venture between the BWF-Certifire Scheme and the Guild of Architectural Ironmongers (GAI). All of our surveyors have been through the diploma and achieved the FDIS certified inspectors qualification. FDIS Certificated Fire Door Inspectors can provide the most comprehensive and highest standard of inspection in the UK and Ireland. They can pin-point exactly where any upgrades or remedial works are required therefore avoiding excessive and unnecessary spending. Any surveyed door will automatically be entered into a government approved database that can be called upon in the event of an enquiry and prove that you took the necessary measures to safe guard your building and the persons within.

Door manufacturers are being thrust directly into the spotlight. The British government are testing more than 200 door manufacturers over the coming months. Initial test are already showing HUGE failings. With a lot of new doors falling well short of the claimed protection times. A full survey with Pro-Tect Ltd will be able to tell you if your doors fall into one of these categories and need remedial works to bring these doors up to the protection times stated. But its important to remember many doors that are installed with the correct materials from a qualified and certified door manufacturer could still fail due to a poor installation.

There are a few very easy points to be checked as part of the wider survey to make sure your doors are safe. They are:

  1. Look for a label, a plug or similar marking to show that it’s certificated
  2. Make sure the door leaf isn’t damaged, warped or twisted
  3. Ensure it closes correctly around all parts of the frame
  4. Check that the closer shuts the door onto the latch from any position – we suggest about 75mm from the closed position
  5. Check the gap around the door frame is constant and around 3 to 4 mm
  6. Check the hinges are firmly fixed into the door and frame with no missingscrews
  7. Ensure that the seals at the top and sides of the door are not damaged ormissing
  8. Make sure any glass and the beads holding the glass are fitted firmly
  9. Make sure the door is not wedged or propped open
  10. Check that the door is marked correctly with appropriate signage